Oscar Dypiangco’s Top 5 Favorite Films

Posted on June 28, 2010


This guest post is from my dad, Oscar Dypiangco. Having attended film school and seen loads of movies, I pride myself on my cinema IQ. My favorites run the gamut from foreign classics by Kurosawa and Fellini to blockbusters starring Matt Damon and Will Ferrell. But when my dad started rattling off his favorite films of all time, I found myself completely lost. While I had seen The Sound of Music as a child and heard of A Place in the Sun, I didn’t know anything about his other choices. It amazes me that I keep discovering how little I know about both of my parents. It’s interesting to note that he saw all of these movies back in the Philippines before emigrating to the U.S. in 1969.

I also learned that my dad really likes Yul Brynner. Awesome!

Here’s a list of my dad’s favorite films. Do you know what your parents’ favorite movies are?

A Place in the Sun – The story was so intriguing – how a happily married man can fall in love again.

Yul Brynner, Oscar Dypiangco's favorite

Anastasia – I liked the film due to the detailed way Anastasia was coached to present herself as the missing member of the Romanov family – from mannerisms, way of talking and learning minute facts about the Romanovs.

Tea and Sympathy – I saw this while still in college, and I adored Deborah Kerr in the movie. She was very pretty, and I found her English accent music to my ears.

The Sound of Music – We had a nurse to take care of our son Gerard. It felt so good to leave the baby and take a taxi to downtown Manila to see this movie.

Johnny Belinda – I was with Johnny Belinda from the beginning of the movie on, and I cheered for her as she was able to identify the rapist.