FAN’S PROJECT PSA – Uniting Filipino American Filmmakers & Nonprofits

Posted on September 19, 2010


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Filipino filmmakers & nonprofits at FAN'S PROJECT PSA Kickoff Event

This past weekend, the Filipino American Network of Los Angeles (FAN), a young professional networking organization, held a kick off event for their latest initiative, PROJECT PSA. This exciting new endeavor aims to unite Filipino filmmakers with Filipino nonprofit organizations to create 30-60 second public service announcements (PSA’s), which promote the nonprofit’s work. In mid-November, FAN will hold a public screening to celebrate and share these amazing new videos with the rest of the Filipino community.

The purpose of PROJECT PSA is to allow the participating organizations and filmmakers to help each other grow. By making PSA’s, the filmmakers are providing the nonprofits with a powerful tool to publicize their work and mission. In return, the nonprofits will show off these filmmakers’ talents to their network of members and supporters. Building new bridges between artists and organizations will hopefully lead to a stronger, more united Filipino community.

As a filmmaker with a history of involvement with nonprofits, I’ve been extremely excited to help bring this plan to fruition, which has been a great way for me to learn more about the Los Angeles Fil-Am community I had never really been a part of before. Over the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure to work with incredibly intelligent and dedicated FAN members (Walter Boholst, Ed Mallillin, Jason Lopez, Arlyn Sinsay, Winston Emano) to help organize this community building project. We’ve had many meetings to hash out the goals, rules and overall strategy for pulling this entire thing off. We’ve sent out emails, had phone calls and taken meetings with nonprofits and filmmakers all over Los Angeles to explain PROJECT PSA and encourage them to participate.

At our kickoff event in Eagle Rock over the weekend, we had no idea exactly how many people would show up. We had done our best to get the word out, but now we would see if this idea was strong enough to actually pull people out of bed on a Saturday morning. As new arrivals gradually started to trickle in (we anticipated a late start with Filipino time), I was struck by quantity of unfamiliar names and faces I encountered. It seems that word spread more than we had anticipated. Filmmakers and nonprofits that we hadn’t directly contacted had heard about PROJECT PSA and came to learn more about it.

After some brief introductions and an explanation of the project’s rules and timeline, the filmmakers and nonprofits¬† got the chance to meet each other. Filmmakers such as Oishi Media, Mitchel Dumlao, Eric Tandoc, Patrick Epino and R.A. Mendoza explained who they are and discussed the work they’ve done. Representatives from nonprofits such as SIPA, FilAmArts, Filipino American Library, Pilipino Alumni Association of UCLA, Filipino American Educators of Los Angeles and Kayamanan Ng Lahi Philippine Folk Arts outlined their mission and the strengths of their organization. The energy in the room was incredible, and it seemed like the conversations easily could have continued for hours.

If you know of any Filipino filmmakers or nonprofit organizations that might be interested in signing up for PROJECT PSA, there’s still some time to do so. Please have them email me directly at

And if you are in the LA area, please be sure to check out FAN’S PROJECT PSA community screening in mid-November. Details of the specific date, time and location will be posted on FAN’S PROJECT PSA blog ( and FAN’s facebook page ( in the coming weeks. I’ll definitely be at this event, and I hope you will too.

– Steve