Mother’s Day Home Unknown Video of My Mom, Lucila Dypiangco

Posted on May 8, 2011


For Mother’s Day, I thought I share this video of my mom, Lucila Dypiangco, which I shot during the filming of Home Unknown. In the clip, she explains why she named my older brother Gerard and my dad Oscar’s surprisingly hilariously reaction to that choice.

This footage was shot in Quezon City in the Philippines in the very church where my parents got married. The location brought a lot of memories to my mom’s mind, and she retold story after story about their wedding (which started ridiculously early in the morning), going to mass everyday (she had her purse stolen!), eating pan de sal and corned beef after mass (her family’s driver would buy it) and much more. My mom definitely loves churches, and she loves telling stories just as much. So I guess whenever I want to film my mom in her element, I just have to bring her to a church.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

– Stephen Dypiangco