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Mother’s Day Home Unknown Video of My Mom, Lucila Dypiangco

May 8, 2011


For Mother's Day, Filipino American filmmaker Stephen Dypiangco shares a video of his mom Lucila Dypiangco explaining why she named her son Gerard and her husband Oscar's reaction to that choice. This clip is taken from footage of Stephen's work-in-progress documentary Home Unknown.

Home Unknown Documentary – Editing New Trailer

November 14, 2010


Filipino-American filmmaker Stephen Dypiangco shares an update on the making of his Home Unknown documentary and current efforts to edit a new trailer.

Letters Home (#3) – May 21, 1969

October 14, 2010


Newly arrived in the United States, Lucila Dypiangco writes home to her family in the Philippines about her and her husband Oscar's job search in Los Angeles.

Letters Home (#2) – May 16, 1969

September 7, 2010


Lucila Dypiangco shares her 2nd letter home to the Philippines, which was written back in 1969.

Letters Home (#1) – May 11, 1969

August 19, 2010


The first in a series of letters written by Lucila Dypiangco, which date back to 1969, when she and her husband Oscar left the Philippines (and their three sons) to move to the United States.

Lucila Dypiangco’s Top 5 Favorite Places in the Philippines

July 8, 2010


Lucila Dypiangco recalls her favorite places in her homeland, the Philippines.

Lucila Dypiangco’s Top 5 Favorite Films

June 24, 2010


My mom, retired high school English teacher Lucila Dypiangco, shares her list of all time favorite movies.